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Artwork Requirements

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Artwork Charges

Up to 15 minutes FREE artwork preparation.

If your artwork does not meet our specifications and requires more than 15 minutes attention additional charges will apply. You will be notified before the commencement of any work that may be required and given an estimate of costs.

What digital formats?

  • Adobe Illustrator & Adobe PDF files for all print jobs
  • File formats accepted are .ai,.psd and .eps
  • Any fonts converted to outline.
  • Jpeg files are acceptable for embroidery work only.

How to supply?

We do not accept?

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and MS Paint.
  • Tiff and Bitmap file types.
  • Faxes, photocopies, business cards or letterheads.
  • Very low quality or resolution designs.

Can I use PMS colours?

Sands Promotions accepts PMS (PantoneĀ® Matching System) colours in EPS files.

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